Topics: Molecular nanotechnology, Nanotechnology, K. Eric Drexler Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: January 26, 2014
Nanotechnology Could Change the World
Nanotechnology has been around since 1959. Richard Feynman, a physicist and Nobel Prize winner, brought up the idea of Nanotechnology in his lecture given to the American Physical Society. Then in 1986 the writer of “Engines of Creation”, K. Eric Drexler, first introduced the world to the term nanotechnology. After all of these years of scientific studying of nanotechnology we still haven’t gotten them completely figured out but we have advanced our knowledge on what nanotechnology could possibly do for our daily lives. Scientists are being asked questions from the public everyday about Nanotechnology. Is it ethical if nanotechnology can make medicine capable of enhancing ourselves physically? Should we try to achieve night vision or rapid healing from nanotechnology? Is nanotechnology the next step in human’s evolutionary path? These are just a few questions being asked that scientists can’t for sure answer, right now that is. On the other hand scientists have discovered some major findings, sunscreen, self-cleaning glass, clothing, scratch-resistant coatings, antimicrobial bandages, tennis racket, replicators, medical industry, and environmental advantages. Nanotechnology has made it so that sunscreen has its whitish color but doesn’t leave your skin looking whiter. Then Activ Glass, created by Pilkington, was made with photocatalytic and hydrophilic nanoparticles. The photocatalytic particles attract UV radiation to hit the glass and that energizes, breaks down, and loosens organic molecules. Then the hydrophilic particles spreads that water evenly across the glass making the glass clean. Nanotechnology affects clothing by giving better protection from UV radiation and the particles also repel water and other materials from the clothing. What the nanotechnology particles do in scratch-resistant coatings is self-explanatory because they make the coatings less resistant to chipping and scratching. Then the...
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