Topics: Nanotechnology, Transistor, Integrated circuit Pages: 13 (4035 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Sebastian Malvika
Rajalakshmi Engineering College

The world is on the brink of a new technological revolution beyond any human experience. A new, more powerful industrial revolution capable of bringing wealth, health and education, without pollution to every person on the planet is advent of nanotechnology. This is the promise of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has gained increased popularity largely due to the design, creation" utilization of materials whose constituent structures exist at Nanoscale i.e. physical dimensions that are in the range of one-billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology applications can be discussed in both the field of electronics as well as telecommunications. The devices which have been discussed in the paper include Nano-Materials, Nanoscale Transistors, Semiconductor Flash Memory, Wave Interference Devices including Electronic Wave guiding and Quantum Interference Devices. Some light bas been thrown on The Basics-of –Coherent Switching and Interference which consists of Quantum Point Contacts and Electronic Waveguides. One of the central visions of the wireless industry aims at ambient intelligence are computation and communication always available and ready to serve the user in an intelligent way. This requires that the devices are mobile. Core requirements for this kind of ubiquitous ambient intelligence are that the devices are autonomous and robust. The nanotechnology is developing briskly in telecommunications area. The devices talked over include Sensors, Nanotubes, and Nanoscale Antennae. Towards the end a brief overview of emerging commercial applications of Nano electronics bas been inculcated in the paper. The applications m the field of communications can be found in association to Network concepts ill Nano communication, Nano communication applications-Healthcare (e.g. micro-surgery, drug delivery/target networks), aeronautics, transportation, communication, environmental monitoring, Nano communication for pervasive computing (e.g. pervasive sensing). Nanotechnologies are therefore expected to enable the production of smaller, cheaper and powerful devices with increasing efficiency.

Moore's law, Nantenna, quantum point, NEMS.


Molecular Electronics, nanotubes, and Nano devices address the state of the art in nanoelectronics. The semiconductor industry is undergoing a transition from standard silicon interconnects to novel nanowires that include carbon nanotubes. New exciting opportunities in emerging materials will take system performance beyond that offered by traditional CMOS-based microelectronics. Nanofabrication possibilities are bright for future technologies.

A. Moore’s Law
According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors per integrated circuit doubles every 24 months, and it has been the guiding principle for the semiconductor industry for over 30 years. The sustaining of Moore's Law, however, requires continued transistor scaling and performance improvements. The physical gate length of the Si transistors used in the 90 nm logic generation node is 30 nm. It is projected that transistor length will reach - 10 nm in 2015. By way of innovation in silicon technology, such as strained-Si channels, high-x/metal-gate stacks, and the non-planar Tri-gate CMOS transistor architecture, CMOS transistor scaling and performance will continue at least until the middle of the next decade. Recently, a lot of interest has been generated and good progress has been made in the study of novel silicon and non-silicon nanoelectronics devices, including Sinanowire field-effect transistors (FETs), carbon-nanotube FETs (CNTFETs) and 1IIV compound semiconductor quantum-welt FETs (QWFETs), in the capacity of future computation applications. These devices hold promise as candidates for integration with the ubiquitous silicon platform in order to enhance circuit functionality while...
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