Nanoparticle in Cosmetic Brand

Topics: Ultraviolet, Sunscreen, Titanium dioxide Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Nanotechnology : Side Effects of nanotechnology in cosmetics brand

The basic definition of nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. Both current work and concepts are cover and more advance in this technology (Acknowledging your sources, n.d.). It is also refers to construct items from the bottom up due to the ability of projected for higher performance using the modern technology and tools. Nanotech is also a study of atom and molecules around us that we implemented in our daily lives. The structures of its size is between 100 nanometers or smaller in at least one dimension and when it developing materials it will be within that size. Hall B. et al. (2007) discussed that nanotechnology meaning is nanotechnology is the general term for a large number of different scientific disciplines dealing with the characterization and development of materials on the nanometer scale - 1 nanometre is 1 billionth of a metre. Nanotech is much commonly found in cosmetics brand, medicine, energy and electronics. It brings modern to all the field with the development of nanotech. There are implication of the nanotech which we can see in the toxicity that it might produce after a period of time in cosmetic, where it might contribute in the effects on global economics and health (Acknowledging your sources, n.d.).

One of the main contain in cosmetics brand is titanium oxide which we can found mostly in sun screens. It is still questioned whether the titanium oxide that are used in sunscreens will age it prematurely when it remains in the skins (Herman P. & Kuechel M. 2007). Titanium oxide is one of the toxic that can bring bad effect to our health and internal body systems. Some research somehow indicate that titanium oxide bring benefit to the skin than bringing harm to skin. According to Hall B. et al. (2007) , the nanopigments for example the titanium oxide have their ability to reflect and scatter the UV light and protect the...
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