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Topics: Tata Motors, Tata Nano, Singur Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: April 3, 2014
The  case illustrates the  opportunities, challenges  and trade-offs involved  in the  design, prototyping and marketing  of the  Nano —  the  so-called people’s  car  —  by Tata  Motors  Ltd.  (TML), a  Tata  Group company. The case takes place nine months after the company’s chairman, Ratan Tata, launched the Nano, on January 10, 2008, at  the 9th Auto  Expo in Pragati Maidan,  an exhibition center in  New Delhi, India. The case  asks  students to  take  the position  of  Ravi Kant,  the  company’s managing  director, in  early September 2008,  as he  faces  multiple dilemmas  that could  lead to  the temporary  closure of  the  Nano manufacturing facility  in   Singur,  West  Bengal:  increasing  competition,  rising   manufacturing  costs, aggressive moves by local and global competitors, and stakeholder pressures. CASE PREPARATION QUESTIONS

1. How sustainable is the  Nano? How  would you  rate the  Nano in  terms of  its economic,  social and environmental consequences (i.e. net  gains, net losses,  trade-offs, etc.)? What are  the key sources of these gains or losses? What are the differences in the short-term versus the long-term economic, social and environmental footprints? 2. Is the Nano a disruptive innovation,  or is it an innovation whose  time has come? What are  the short- and long-term  implications of its launch?  What key tensions  surround the introduction of  the Nano? What competitive or political motivations maintain these tensions? 3. How does the introduction of  the Nano influence  sustainability at TML  and within the  Tata Group? What questions does  the Nano raise or answer  as TML aspires to a  global position in the automotive sector? How does the introduction  of the people’s car square  with luxury corporate acquisitions (e.g.  the UK-based Jaguar)? 4. What are the implications  of stakeholder tensions in  Singur? What steps  should TML (or  the Tatas) take?  Should TML have  done things  differently in the  past?...
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