Nano Generator

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Power, more specifically electric power is very much essential to power our machines and equipments and indirectly to power our human lives.

This paper deals with generation of electricity from nano electric generator and its applications. Nano electric generator is different from other conventional generators in the sense that it does not have the rotating parts it operates on the principle of piezo-electric effect. The source for the generation of electricity is different types of vibrations.

Introduction of Nanotechnology:

Richard Feynman was the first to talk on miniaturization in 1959 and he had argued on the possibilities of “Atom by Atom’’ construction. Nanotechnology refers to technology, whose unifying theme is the control of matter on the molecular level in scales, normally 1 to 100 nanometers, and the fabrication of devices within that size range. Nanotechnology is the art and science of manipulating matter at the atomic or molecular scale and may lead to significant improvements in technologies for protecting the environment. It is the technology in which atom of different elements can be altered such that we obtain some other required element.

Nanoscale structures are already being used for enhanced sensing, and treatment and remediation of environmental contaminants. On the bright side, future developments in nanotechnology may lead to greater control over the design of chemical and engineering technologies, such that pollution may be prevented in the first place. It is a technology in which the research is still going on and many innovations are being achieved.

1.Nano electric generator:

Today's electronic equipments depend on batteries for power. Now researchers have demonstrated that easy-to-make and inexpensive nanowires can generate electricity from mechanical vibrations , which could lead to advances as medical implants that run on electricity generated from pulsing blood vessels and cell phones powered by nanowires in the soles of shoes. An implanted wireless biosensor and other such nano devices requires a power source, which may be provided directly or indirectly by charging of a battery.We charge the battery using a nano –electric generator , or simply we do not need a battery as the nano-electric generator will provide the power to operate that device. The power generated from a Nano generator of 1 cubic centimeter is 4 watts. Due to its size we can use it where ever we need to produce electricity.A millions of units of nano electric generator can be fabricated to produce maximum watt of power. The different types of sources for generation of electricity are:- Hydraulic ( Body fluids and blood flows.

Vibrations ( Acoustic /ultrasonic waves.

Stress ( Body movement and muscle stress.

A nano electric generator consists of the following parts:-

Semi conducting substrate.

Nano wire

Zig zag electrode


Fabrication is the process of constructing a nano electric generator. we construct a nano electric generator on a nono-wire. The nano wire could be made up of zinc oxide. Zinc Oxide nano wire is used because of its piezo-electric and semi-conducting properties. These two properties enable power generation through the nano-electric generators. This process can be made in-expensive as we start to produce the nano-wires and fabricate it in a large scale. The nano wires are available from consumer use as they have been developed in a large-scale.

The process of fabrication starts with...

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