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Synopsis Of Summer Project

Work Title:

      Transformation of “Mahindra & Mahindra” from Farm making equipment to Sports utility vehicle manufacturing Company.

Key Questions:

To know the various factors behind the success story of Mahindra & Mahindra in Farm making equipment as well as Sports utility vehicle (e.g. Scorpio).


      To know the marketing strategies implemented by “Mahindra & Mahindra” behind its successful transformation from Farm making equipment to Sports utility vehicle (e.g. Scorpio).


    • To know how the successful transformation occurred in “Mahindra & Mahindra”.

    • To know how they become one of the market leader in sports utility vehicle.

    • To do various marketing strategy analysis in order to get a clear view about the success of Scorpio – a sports utility vehicle & also competitor analysis with TATA Motors.

Purpose & Scope of the study:

In present automobile market “Mahindra & Mahindra” has become one of the Is this Essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 325,000 just like it! get better grades
market leader but since there are many players like TATA Motors. The project is aim towards analyzing the marketing strategy of “Mahindra & Mahindra” behind its success and also finds out weak areas where the development is essential to compete with the competitors.

Research Methodology:

The project report is made by SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Porters five forces model, Competitor Analysis, FAB Analysis.

Sources of Data:

The project activity requires both primary and secondary data.

    • Primary data collection: Interviewing the various users of Scorpio and farm equipments of “Mahindra & Mahindra” and also users of TATA Motors.

    • Secondary data collection: Further the study also depends upon secondary sources like journals, magazines, internet etc.

      Tools or, methods...
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