Nancy Drew and the Secret of Mirror Bay

Topics: Nancy Drew, Carolyn Keene Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 21, 2008
In my Language class, I choose to read, Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Mirror Bay: by Carolyn Keene, for my mystery book report. I choose to read this book because I heard that the Nancy Drew books were a good read. As I continued to read it, I found out otherwise. This book is about a girl detective, Nancy Drew, and her best friends George and Bess, as they head to Cooperstown, NY to solve three mysteries. The mysteries were a girl walking across the bay, a green mountain “sorcerer” that scared away all the mountain climbers, and a missing child’s carriage that was lost in the bay. Nancy always solves her mysteries, but three at once………While staying in Cooperstown, they roomed in a cabin called Bide-A-Wee. The cabin was located right on the bay where two of the mysteries have been occurring. What was also good about the cabins location was that it was located pretty close to the mountain where the apparent sorcerer was. Nancy was able to use the cabins location to her advantage as she went about solving her mysteries.

While I was reading this book, I did notice a couple of good terms and phrases that helped me picture the book better, like when they described the cabin the girls stayed at. She said that the cabin was old and patched up, but the neighboring bay completely covered it all up to make it look as cozy as home. The author also added in a couple of clues here and there, like when Bess was captured and then released right away. That showed me that there was more than one person responsible for whatever was going on up there. Another clue that the author gave away was when she said that the girl walking on the water walked slowly out into the water getting smaller for every step she took, which kind of gave away the fact that the girl was on stilts. Another clue in that same situation was when Nancy heard a crack and the girl fell into the water. After that, I really didn’t feel like reading ahead because I already knew what was happening. I do like...
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