Nancy Drew

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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories:
Nancy’s Mysterious Letter

By: Carolyn Keene

Chapter 1

In chapter one Nancy and some of her friends were coming back from the Red Gate Farm. On there way home they saw an elderly mail carrier named Ira Nixon. So they stop to talk to him in this conversation Ira say that Nancy had a letter from somewhere in London. So Nancy invited Ira for some hot coca at her house. So as Ira is at Nancy’s house he was ready to leave so when he is going he notices that his mail bag has gone missing. He knew that he brought it in so Nancy goes to see if and one saw it. On the way she asked a little boy and he gave her some clues. And when she told everyone Ira fainted.

Chapter 2

Nancy’s house worker tried something but it did not work so they decided to get the doctor down the street. As the doctor was working on Ira the house keeper was the girls about how Ira had a mean brother how sued him because he would not give him some of the money that Ira’s mom gave him that his father gave it to him when he died. So now that think that he did it. But the main thing was that there was I large amount of money in cash for Mr. Drew. After awhile Ira woke and Nancy asked him a lot of question about the letter. He Said he remember there was 3 names. So now Nancy thinks it might be a law firm. Also Ira went to the hospital.

Chapter 3

In this chapter Nancy went to see Ira. After that went she was home she got a knock on the door. This person was telling her that she and Ira had broken some laws. She broke a law because she let Ira in to her house when he was on duty. Ira broke a law because he was not watching his mail bag at the time. So at the Drew’s dinner Nancy told that all to her dad and she wanted to no some more stuff about the letter. Well Mr. Drew asked his friend to look up Law firms that were in London that Ira had explanted. And there was a firm so Mr. drew told them that she was not able to get the letter so they will send her another one. Well what also happened in this chapter was she went to Ira’s house And some of the people that live by him say that his brother went came to his house and throw a large sum of paper in the garbage can went she looked she saw mail even her mail form London. She could read out a little of it but not much.

Chapter 4

In this Chapter Nancy felt like someone was following her and someone was so she followed them. This went on for a little bit and they were diving crazy. But final she lost her or him but she had a felting it was Ira’s brother. The next day she went to see Ira in the hospital and she asked for a picture of his brother. Then she went to a gas station out of town and asked if the people have ever seen this man. One man said yes that he fills out his tank of him once in a while so that means his lives close by. When she got home the letter form London was at her house. All it say was that she may have an inheritance in her name. But there are many there Nancy Drews so they will have to see. After her father left a strange woman came to there house asking for Nancy.

Chapter 5

In this Chapter after opening the door Nancy dodged the woman’s blow. She was mad because of how Nancy was driving that day. She kept screaming at her even louder. So she just told Nancy to go to her house. Well when she was going to her house she notice that her necklace needed to be fixed. So she thought when she was going to her house maybe she could get it fixed. Well when she was getting it fixed the seller asked about the pin that the guy gave her.

Chapter 6

In this chapter Nancy was wanting to more about the pin that this guy will give her. Well the seller said someone of the name E.Nixon brought it for her and he would give it to a Nancy Drew. He thought that it might be her. So he said sorry for kind of ruing the surprise if it was for her. Then she started her way to the lady’s house.

Chapter 7

In this chapter when she got to the...
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