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Topics: New Testament, Given name, Jesus Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Most of us have one name, given at birth, which we keep for life. Bethany (Beth-a-nee) is a Biblical name meaning “house of figs” and also was used in honor of Mary standing for selfless and devoted service. It is of the Hebrew, Aramaic and English origin. Therefore I feel as if I was meant to be named Bethany by only God himself. Micah 7:1 and Songs of Solomon 2:13 say that Jesus saw the fig tree with no figs and cursed it which makes me feel very loved by God because He loved figs!

In the New Testament Bethany was the name of the village where Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived where Jesus had stayed during the Holy Week. The name means a house of figs or dates and connotes warmth; conversely it sometimes signifies house of afflictions and poverty. Also my middle name meaning “grace” or “favor” is also of the English origin. My last name McVey is an Irish personal name meaning-son of life. As a religious person myself, I believe my mother picked a perfect name for myself.

Growing up I often didn’t like my name but as I grew older and started to figure out who I was and what I believed in, I realized with a little bit of research that my name was meant to be for me. A more personal meaning and character for my name is a quiet but not selfish person caring for others and strongly believing in God. I received my name by my mother when she was about 3 months pregnant; I was named after my grandmother Elizabeth Ann. My name definitely suits the person I am today and have become. After I figured out what my name meant, it made me feel better about myself because it defined me and made me feel secure and happy with whom I am.

I wouldn’t change my name if someone offered me a million dollars; it’s my story and tells who I am. I would change the way it is spelled if I could though. Bethany is not unusual and I love a name that is spelled in a unique way like Bethenny. My daughter’s name is Melody and my unborn son that I am now pregnant with...
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