Naked Egg Drop Lab Report

Topics: Potential energy, Energy, Kinetic energy / Pages: 3 (568 words) / Published: Aug 19th, 2013
Victoria Pham Marshall Malino Ethan Waugh
Naked Egg Drop lab
May 21, 2013

The purpose of the lab was to create a contraption that prevents an egg from breaking when dropped from about 18 ft. We made net out of yarn and lined the bottom of the box with cotton to soften the impact of the egg. Though the contraption didn’t work very well since the egg broke the moment it landed. Though we managed to calculate the amount of Potential energy at the start and how much kinetic energy it had when it reached the bottom.
Things we learned that was relevant to the lab were what Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy was. Potential Energy is stored energy due to objects relative position, while Kinetic energy was energy of motion; amount of energy depends on objects mass and velocity. The lab with the roller coaster showed examples of when the coaster was at the highest point that it had more Gravitational Potential energy and that by the time it reached the bottom or the lowest point of the hill it had the most amount of Kinetic Energy.
The goal of the lab was to make a contraption that if an egg was dropped from about 18 ft it wouldn’t break or even crack. We tried to absorb the force of the egg so that it wouldn’t hot the ground with too much energy. The contraption had a net made of yarn to catch the egg and not have it bounce too much; it was slanted slightly so the egg could roll down into a soft pile of cotton that lined the bottom of the box.
The purpose of the lab was to make a contraption that would prevent an egg from breaking if dropped from about 18 feet high. The egg was to land at the highest point of the net and roll gently down into the cotton lining at the bottom of the box.
* Box 22 x 45 x 29 * Net (yarn) * Cotton Balls * Large Paperclips
The data does make sense. If someone’s data was off the way it could affect our results was it could slight miscalculations or false information. Ways we deal with this data is we do at

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