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NAIL TECHNICIAN DIPLOMA COURSE aim of course To enable candidates to obtain a diploma in Nail Extensions approved by BABTAC and to be able to safely apply extension for an effective results. entry level A person displaying a high level of interpersonal skills in particular excellent communication, listening skills, empathy, patience, tact, diplomacy and time keeping with a well groomed appearance and a mature disposition. The Nail Technician course is an individual qualification allowing candidates to work in industry or as self employed technicians. UNITS/SUBJECTS TO BE STUDIED

generic areas of study G2 Health & Hygience G6 Nails G7 Business Studies G8 Salon Procedures other subjects Consultation & Contra-indications Manicure Treatments Nail extension Systems Aftercare Product Knowledge/Cosmetic Science Anatomy & Physiology of Hand, Arm and Nail Bones, Muscle, Blood Supply MINIMUM TRAINING REQUIREMENT - 80 Hours This must include a minimum of 70 hours contact (50% of which must be spent working within a commercial salon environment) and 10 hours of additional study. In the case of the candidate having nationally recognised qualification in manicure the Minimum Training Hours are reduced to 30 hours. This must include a minimum of 20 hours contact (50% of which must be spent working within a commercial salon environment) and 10 hours of additional study. A copy of the Manicure Certificate/Diploma to be forwarded to the CIBTAC administration office at the time of the candidate’s registration. EXAMINATIONS The dates will be issued annually by the Examining Board. THEORY 45 minutes multiple choice paper




PRACTICAL 2 1/2 hours of which Part one (manicure) is 30 minutes and Part two (nail extensions) is 2 hours. Part one & two can be different clients. In the case of the candidate having an internationally recognised qualification in manicure the candidate will be exempt from Part 1 of the examination, reducing the practical examination to 2 hours EXAM FEE To be issued annually by the Examination Board. This CIBTAC Diploma will enable the recipients to become members of BABTAC and obtain insurance cover. This course could be covered over a flexible time basis, enabling many part-time candidates to qualify who would not be able to attend college on a full-time basis. CONSULTATION Purpose of consultation and techniques involved. Preparation of treatment and working environment. Recommendations for salon treatments, use of products at home, further treatment planning. Client preparation, comfort and care. Assessment of original nail condition. General contra-indications to manicure and nail extension treatments. manicure treatments products and procedures to include: use of: Emery board, orange stick, hoof stick, cuticle knife, cuticle nippers/scissors, buffer, enamel remover, cuticle oil, cuticle cream, cuticle remover, massage cream/oil, buffing paste. knowledge and effects of: Nail strengthener, exfoliants, nail white pencil. Relevant skin treatments for the hand. massage Application of basic hand and arm massage. Benefits and effects of massage.

use and application of: Base coat, nail enamel and top coat. knowledge of: Ridge fillers. Quick dry preparations-spray and paint on. French manicure. Natural nail treatments. knowledge and effects of: Specialised techniques e.g. use of warm oil, use of paraffin wax. safety Knowledge of damaged caused by incorrect use of manicure implements.




nail extension systems Application, maintenance and removal of: Powder liquid overlay Silk/Fibreglass overlay Gel/Glass glaze systems Natural nail overlays/extensions Use of ultra violet light Use of tools used to carry out the above. Application, maintenance and removal.  A centre may select ONE PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM for training and examination. o A Working knowledge of a number of other systems is required. aftercare The purpose...
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