Nail Salon in the New York

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Nail Salon in the New York

A. Business Statement
For my purpose I C.A., researching a business idea. I will conduct in-depth business research and complete a feasibility study for a Nail Salon in New York.

Nail Salon is almost the cheapest place that can let you enjoy other people’s service in New York. There are approximately 58,330 nail salons in the U.S., according to the trade publication ”NAILS Magazine.” Women especially always want to look nice, they read magazines, and check stores all the time, they share the information of products and which store is nice to their friends and enjoy to try new things which might make them more beautiful. And in New York this big city, women know how to enjoy their life after stress and serious works. They relax in the restaurants, bars, and spa or nail salon. They are willing to spend money for themselves no matter they are rich or not.

Nail salon is the very common place that women take care of themselves. Compare with other places, it’s a cheaper service that most of the women can afford it. And the primate cost for opening a nail salon is cheaper than many other businesses, and it’s more like a feasibility business for people who don’t have a lot of money at the beginning.

Instead of the normal nail salon in New York, I want to input the skill from Japan, which is acrylic nail and 3D nail art, because in New York nail salon is everywhere and if you want to compete with other salon, you need to have something different. I think there is already some stores have this kind of service, but it’s still not too common here. Also I want to input some beauty products from Japan and Taiwan and sell in the nail store. Because a lot of useful and cheap products from Japan and Taiwan you can’t even find here. A lot of products here are cheap and ugly or cute but expensive, that’s the reason why I think there’s needs in this area. People from Asian might interesting in those kind of products, and the New York people will also get the chance to know about those products throw the sellers when they are waiting in the nail salon. That’s the reason why I want to open a nail salon.

Next step after successful completion, I will start to make connection with other companies which sells clothes, jewelry, shoes, whatever the product that woman like from the Asian country and show their product by the AD we publish and take the order throw our store, then even our customers don’t understand other languages, they can easily order the oversea products and receive them in the store. Throw the customer information and survey, I can also get more connection with the customers by understand what the want and holding party or other activities once in a while to make customers get closer. That helps the business, because women like to share their experiences and the information about how they take care themselves, it’s just like a free AD.

In this new business, I’m not only going to sell services and products but also make a new social environment for women and give the information about how to take care of themselves is the extra benefit that they can get when they walk into the store. That’s why I want to open a nail salon. Because this nail salon will be the place sell the service, product and also serve a new social life, and it will cause many possibility in the future.

B. Short term goal and Long-term goal

Short-term goals
1. Complete an effective feasibility study for my purpose I C.A., researching a business idea. I will conduct in-depth business research and complete a feasibility study to open a Nail Salon in New York. 2. Make research about the location where is close to public transportation and convenient neighborhood. 3. Make a feasibility plan about the promotion devices, the employee training and the choice of products.

Long-term goals
1. Collect the information of customers; keep those data in the information system and analysis the needs of customers....
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