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Topics: North Carolina, Rape / Pages: 2 (353 words) / Published: Sep 30th, 2014
Nail polish developed at N.C. State alerts wearers to date rape drugs
Aug 20, 2014, 12:07pm EDT
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Imagine being able to use your finger nail polish as a diagnostic to determine if there's a roofie in your drink. That's the goal of a prototype being developed by N.C. State University entrepreneurs.

Lauren K. Ohnesorge
Staff Writer-
Triangle Business Journal
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It's a nail polish that doubles as a way to thwart sexual assault - and it's being developed at N.C. State University: Undercover Colors.
The chemistry startup, developed by undergrads, is creating a nail polish that, when exposed to date rape drugs, changes color.
The nail polish is a scientific attempt to thwart a nationwide problem. A recent Washington Post analysis showed more than 3,900 allegations of forcible sex offenses on college campuses nationwide in 2012, a statistic that rose 50 percent in three years. Fourteen such offenses were reported at N.C. State between 2010 and 2012. During that same time period, 30 were alleged at Duke University and 52 at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Terri Lomax, N.C. State's vice chancellor for research, innovation and economic development, says the prototype is "emblematic" of what's happening with the university's community of young entrepreneurs.
"N.C. State prides itself on encouraging and supporting the efforts of student entrepreneurs to address real world problems," she says.
Undercover Colors is currently raising cash to refine its prototype and pay executives.
According to a securities filing, the four-person company, which recently appeared at the K50 Startup Showcase, just raised $100,000 from one investor, with $150,000 left to sell in the round.
And it has additional cash from competition.
The company won the Lulu eGames this spring,

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