Nadine Gordimer

Topics: Africa, South Africa, White people Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: March 24, 2001
A lion, apartheid, South Africa and racism. What do these things have in common? They all play a part in Nadine Gordimer's collection of short stories called A Soldier's Embrace published in 1980. This book is based around the lifestyle of South Africa, and the law separating the different cultures at that time (South Africa no longer has these laws of apartheid as of 1991).

In the recent news, there was a story about South Africa and its quarrels. What happened was there was a black man who tried to enter South Africa illegally, and he was caught. As a punishment, the white South African police let their dogs attack the black man and rip him apart. Just because the racist laws of South Africa have been rewritten less than a decade ago, does not mean that the people of different races have forgotten about that ordeal. It is these problems that Nadine Gordimer writes about.

She is a South African novelist and short story writer, who wrote about many of the issues there, such as the clash of races. In her short stories, she explores human behavior and unjust authority which was forced not only upon the native Africans, but also upon the people from the Middle East and the Chinese. She is a founding member of the Congress of South African Writers and won the Nobel prize for literature in 1991 (notice that is the same year the racist laws of South Africa were changed). She writes devotedly about South Africa and even at the height of the apartheid period, she never considered leaving her country.

Gordimer's main themes are based on the passionate human problems of South Africa and its more than unfair politics. The people of different races in the book A Soldier's Embrace are quite separate throughout the entire book. If the people of different cultures were not separated into cities, then they were by the types of careers each were either forced upon them or chosen by them depending on their culture and race. There have always been racist...
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