Nachiketa Tapovan

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Report on NGO Internship

NGO Details:
Name: Nachiketa Tapovan
Registration Number: DIT (E)/HYD/80 G/REN/82(02)/08-09
Place of work: Vidya Mandir, Hyderabad
Contact Details of the NGO
The NGO I interned with is called Nachiketa Tapovan. It is situated in Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad. It is a ‘Vidya Mandir’ which imparts free education to the needy children of nearby slums and hamlets. The NGO and school are managed by Mrs P. Vasundhara Reddy. Contact Details:

Hyderabad Centre
Nachiketa Tapovan
Plot: 70, Phase 1,
Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad - 500 033
Tel: +9849168937, 8008882828

Contact Person:

Mrs P. Vasundhara Reddy,
Managing Trustee.

About the NGO’s Establishment
Nachiketa Tapovan, a spiritually oriented service organisation, was formed in January 1999 to spread moral and spiritual values. Tapovan aims at achieving this by translating it’s ideals into practical activities like providing holistic education for children irrespective of caste, creed, community and gender, looking upon them as absolute manifestations of the divine. The driving guiding spiritual forces behind Nachiketa Tapovan are Swami Nachiketananda Puri and Swami Shivananda Puri. With the help of a group of determined volunteers children in slum dwellings and hamlets in Madhapur were sought out to share love, values and education both spiritually and academically. What started as classes in a shed in the slum grew into a beautiful building in Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad. Vidya Mandir is truly a “Temple of education” for more than 230 children today. The goal of the organisation is to provide free and holistic education by nourishing the body, mind and the spirit. The Vidya Mandir School at Nachiketa Tapovan was inspired and initiated by Swami Nachiketananda Puri. He along with Swami Shivananda Puri provides the motivation and goals for the school. Under their direct guidance and loving care along with the tremendous help and support of several enthusiastic volunteers, the school embarked on its mission of educating the underprivileged children. "Character Development and Sustainable Living with Academic Excellence", has been the governing principle of all endeavours in the school. The relentless pursuit of the school has been to lay the foundation of a noble character in the young minds by instilling in them the eternal and universal values of truth, patriotism, brotherhood and moral integrity so that they grow up as ideal citizens who can shape the destiny of their families and brethrens. Objectives

True education should produce balanced personality in whom intellectual, emotional and spiritual values are harmoniously developed. In the children the following qualities are nurtured:

*Self-confidence with utmost faith in God.
*Academic education.
*Self sustenance
*Communication and social skills
*Maintenance of a well-nourished body
*Selfless service to the society.
*Awareness and practise of Indian culture
This school is for boys and girls from Nursery to class VIII and is affiliated to the A.P State Board of Education. The higher classes are added incrementally up to class X each year. Lineage:
India has a great tradition that can be still experienced through the grace of our Rishis. It is up to every human being to seek out the true teachings of Rishis and follow their footsteps. Instead of worshipping them we should try to attain their state of Divine Intoxication by invoking universal Truth within. Our Lineage comes from the Trinity, the Saptarishis and other immortal Rishis like Dattatreya, Hanumana, Vedavyasa, Adi Shankaracharya, Ramarishna Paramhamsa, Babaji and others. Ramakrishna was a man of versatile thoughts. He deeply immersed himself in...
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