Na Meeting.

Topics: Thought, Exercise, Mind Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: March 13, 2011
AA/NA Observation
Andrea Ross
February 15, 2011
Health class

For my observation. I attended an NA meeting. It was in Hemet CA, on a Tuesday night. The building was called “Red Dog Group”. I had walked in, and told the lady at the front desk that I was here to sit in on a meeting and observe it for my health class. She said”Of course you can, just wait here for about another 10 minutes and you will go in with everyone.”

As I sat there waiting I noticed there were about 7 people waiting for the meeting to start. There was a movie playing on the T.V. The front offices were blocked off with plastic, so that the people working back there can’t get hurt if anyone tries anything. There’s only a couple little holes threw the plastic to talk into. I had a little tough time hearing the lady behind it. There was a bunch of chairs lined up in rows facing the T.V. There was a little desk right beside the T.V. with a police officer sitting there watching everyone, making sure nothing was going to happen, or if something did happen he would be able to take it into his own hands.

Finally it was time to go in to the meeting. I had walked in there and I saw a fake tree in every corner of the room, and a circle of chairs right smack in the middle of the room. There was a table against a wall that had coffee and snacks on it if we got hungry, or thirsty. We all sat down in a circle as a group. The instructor introduced herself, and told us how much she appreciates us all here with her. She then gave us the topic of the night. The topic was “What you are improving in your life?” After she had told us about what the topic of the night was going to be, she asked that we go around the circle and everyone say there name, and why they are here. Every time a person said there name and why they were here, everyone...
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