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This professional development exercise is designed to capture and record the experiences of Signal soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and officers’ who have served in various operations during the ongoing global war on terrorism (GWOT). It is focused at the individual level and allows soldiers an opportunity to express their personal experiences and insights which will become a part of the Signal Corps historical record. These papers potentially will be read and referenced by future researchers and historians as they analyze these important events. Each soldier who provides their experiences will make a unique contribution to the proud history of the US Army Signal Corps.

A general outline of the paper is provided. It is not meant to be restrictive. You may modify it as needed in order to tell your story. In addition, there are some questions which are designed to help guide your thoughts as you determine what information is important and relevant. You do not have to answer any or all of the questions, but many of them should help trigger some responses as you relate your experiences of Signal operations.

Remember as well that history is about people and their reaction to events, the decisions they make, their successes and their failures. You should mention the key personnel that you had an opportunity to serve with or interact with. This will also help future researchers as they seek further information, perhaps from a different point of view. Do not be afraid to be critical, but if you are, then realize that you must support and defend your views or perceptions.

Upon completion of the paper you will be asked to sign a statement that the document and contents belong to the U.S. government and can be used in any manner deemed in the best interests of the US Army. The information will be subject to provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and may be subject to release to the public if appropriate criteria are met.

This agreement does not preclude or prohibit you from further developing your experience paper for publication in professional journals, such as the Army Communicator. It is highly encouraged that you do so and share your experience with other members of the Signal Corps.

Please forward all documents in digital and hard copy to:
US Army Signal Center Command Historian,
Regimental DIV., Office Chief of Sign
444 Barnes Avenue, Bldg 29706
Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5747


• Author name, rank, MOS/Skill and unit assigned to during operation • Author AKO email
• Name of event, operation, location and inclusive dates of participation • Date paper is written (very important as a snapshot of time this is written) • Class number
• Classification (unclassified unless otherwise indicated)

2. MEMORANDUM: A one-page summary in memorandum format of the information contained in the paper (MUST HAVE – SEPARATE SCCC REQUIREMENT)

3. TABLE OF CONTENTS: depending on length, used if breaking down key phases into chapters or sections

4. INTRODUCTION: The place to explain why your experience is important and someone should pay attention to what you have to say.

• Personal background (including previous training/experience) • Unit/organizational background (previous operations, continuity of leaders, etc) • Operation and operational situation leading up to event(s) • Tactical situation leading up to event(s)

6. DESCRIPTION OF EVENTS(s): Probably the longest, most detailed part of the paper which has detailed information on your experience. The meat of the whole exercise.

7. LESSONS/INSIGHTS: If you feel there are some lessons or insights others should concern themselves with, then mention them here. Can relate to equipment, training, doctrine, organization, leadership, or other areas you think important....
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