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N14C41 Project Management

Proposal to set up the first facility of Cyclobikes Ltd. in the UK

Nottingham University Business School - MSc Operations Management Programmes

Jackson JOSE 4227256
Jennifer WEGNER4223954
Chinyere UCHE 4237233

Table of contentsPage

Executive Summary5
Opportunity leading to the project6
Scope of the project6
Deliverables of the project7
Success criteria of the project7
Assumptions underlying the proposal for this project7
Identification and definition of activities required (Work break-down structure)7 Linkages and durations of activities (PERT, AON Network, Gantt Chart)9 Resource allocation to activities13

Project cost15
Project crashing15
Monte Carlo Analysis16
Review of PERT20
Agile project planning by means of the critical chain20 Stakeholder analysis21
Risk analysis22

List of figuresPage

Figure 1: Project scope 6
Figure 2: Time-Cost-Quality7
Figure 3: WBS9
Figure 4: Project network12
Figure 5: Monte Carlos Analysis of duration18
Figure 6: Monte Carlo Analysis of project costs 19
Figure 7: Stakeholder communication plan 21
Figure 8: Risk matrix 22
Figure 9: Cummulation of risks on levels 22
List of tablesPage

Table 1: Linkages of activities revealed in paths
from project beginning to end10
Table 2: Linkages of activities and PERT11
Table 3: Resource allocation to activities14
Table 4: Setup of the Monte Carlo Analysis17
Table 5: Setup of the Monte Carlo analysis including cost consideration19 Table 6: Project costs27
Table 7: Calculation of project costs29
Table 8: Risk identification and ranking30
Table 9: Risk identification and ranking continued31
Table 10: Risks on the project and countermeasures32
Table 11: Risks on the project and coutermeasures continued33 Table 12: Stakeholder analysis34

Executive Summary
Due to a new salary sacrifice scheme for staff bicycles called “Cycle to Work Scheme”, sales of bicycles increased within the United Kingdom which leads to the creation of a new company: “Cyclobikes Ltd.”. Based in Nottingham the company plans to sell high quality bicycles to established cycle stores throughout the UK. The aim of this project is the development of a chosen semi-finished facility in a unit in an industrial park under construction to a fully operational site. The project focuses on the provision of office space, initiation of a sourcing option from Germany, acquisition and training of staff as well as enablement of assembly and distribution in the UK. The project should be planned at minimum costs. However, a fund for faster delivery might be provided. Moreover, the specifications required to enable or ideally enhance establishment of Cyclobikes Ltd. in the UK have to be met. The critical tasks regarding risks on and extension of the duration of the project are related to recruitment due to the fact that there is high uncertainty of the time required to employ skilled administrative, office and assembly staff due to the availability in the market. Accordingly, it is recommended to outsource these activities to a hiring agency that has access to a data base containing appropriate staff. This reduces uncertainty of the project, shortens the time required to finish the project and probably increases the quality of staff whereby costs may increase slightly. The budget should be set at £79,177.97 which is 40% of the maximum project costs and a general guideline to be applied to this rather standard project. Further, it is recommended to setup a contingency fund of 80% of the maximum project...

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