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Daily shows
* MYX Backtrax - features music hits from the early 50's to the early 2000s * MYX Versions - features music videos that were remaked by the past and present artists * Rock MYX - features international rock music videos

* My MYX - features requests granted by your favorite MYX VJ's * Take 5 - features 5 music videos from 1 of your favorite artists * Star MYX - features the top 5 favorite music videos from your favorite artists * Pinoy Rock MYX - features local rock music videos

* MYX Sure-Fire Hits - features music videos with no distractions * Pinoy MYX - features latest OPM music videos
* Pop MYX - features latest international pop music videos * Mellow MYX - features mellow music videos and love problems being solved by the VJ(love songs) * Radio MYX - features 5 music videos that are recently played at the station of your favorite DJ's, plus you can see them on TV Chart shows

* MYX Daily Top 10 - features top 10 music videos during Mondays through Fridays (international and OPM) * MYX Hit Chart - features top 20 music videos in a weekly basis (international and OPM) * Pinoy MYX Countdown - features top 20 OPM music videos weekly * MYX International Top 20 - features top 20 international music videos weekly * MYX Mobile Top Picks - features the top 12 most downloaded songs of the week, as tabulated from the wide digital ring tone library of MYX Mobile! Weekly shows

* Pop MYX K-Pop Edition - features the hottest and freshest K-Pop music videos * MYX News - features the weekly news on what is happening in the entertainment scene in both local and international * MYX Live! - features a live performance format show featuring a wide range of artists. Hosted by Jett Pangan of The Dawn * MYX Tugtugan - features a show on learning how to play your favorite songs with your chords and musical instruments. Hosted by Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich * Wer U At? - features a show that talks about the best hangout places, bars, shops, salons - All places that teenagers frequent. The show is basically a tour on hot spots. * MYX Presents - features concerts, documentaries and locally produced specials. * MYXellaneous - features behind-the-scenes shows on how your favorite artists produces music videos. * MYX 3 on 3 - features a star-studded basketball line-up so check if your favorite musician belongs to one of the teams * Urban MYX - features RNB, hiphop, rap, jazz, and soul music videos MYX Specials

* MYX Music Awards
* Summer MYX Fest
* MYX VJ Search
* MYX Slam Jam
* M-net Asian Music Awards or MAMA
* MYX Mo!
* MYX Premiere - upcoming music videos for local and international artists Previously aired on MYX
* Asia MYX
* Beat U.K.
* Coca-Cola Music Studio Volume-Up
* Club MYX
* Cyber MYX
* Dance MYX (renamed Club MYX)
* Dyan Banda
* Late Night MYX
* Later... with Jools Holland
* Morning MYX (renamed Myxilog)
* MYX Back2Back
* MYX Bandarito
* MYX First (renamed MYX Sure-Fire Hits)
* MYX Forum
* MYX Halo-Halo
* MYX Remakes (renamed MYX Versions)
* MYX Sampler
* MYX Suburbia (renamed Urban MYX)
* MYXed Lives
* MYXilog
* MYXposed
* MYXtreme
* OPM MYX (renamed Pinoy Myx)
* OPM MYX Countdown (renamed Pinoy MYX Countdown)
* Planet Rock Profiles
* Pop My MYX
* Red Hot Myx
* Rhum on the Rock
* Tanduay's First Five
* Top of the Pops
* World MYX
MYX Music Awards
Further information: Myx Music Awards
MYX VJ Search
Further information: Myx VJ Search
Current VJs
* Iya Villania (2004–present)
* Nikki Gil (2005–present)
* Chino Lui Pio (2008–present)
* Sam...
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