Myths Are More Comforting Than Reality

Topics: Religion, Zeus, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Myths are more comforting than reality

Since the first known civilizations and cultures, up to the industrial revolution and sudden expansion of education, myths and legends have occupied an important place in human understanding of reality. With their help, people have explained not only everyday events that were difficult to conceive, but also the unusual and rare ones. They were the source of comfort at difficult times, restoring people’s faith in justice, stability and worth of ideals. Myths were created on the basis of what was known and understandable to man, and therefore were the weapon man had against fear. Fear of the unknown has been familiar to man from time immemorial. Regardless of whether we take into consideration Persian dualism or Greek polytheism, we can see that all ancient societies have in common faith in something bigger, stronger, more powerful that a mere man. The ancient Greeks explained everyday occurrences with their faith in the power of the omnipotent gods, living eternally on Mount Olympus, tailoring human destinies and controlling weather, space and everything that would happen. Storms at sea were caused by Poseidon’s rage, lightning and thunder by Zeus’s, and harmony and love prevailed due to Hera’s blessing. By trying to clarify the origin of their literacy and art, the Greeks created the myth about Prometheus and his punishment for helping people which also emphasized the importance of culture. They also transmitted through myths their discoveries about society and life in general, the example of which are mythical flyers, Daedalus and Icarus, as an eternal reminder of what happens to the ones who want too much. Apart from myths related to religion, myths have been produced about regular people as well. Through those myths people have shown their belief and hope for better future and changes, and have accentuated the importance of an individual. Namely, those myths have served as some sort of placebo which gave peace to...
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