Topics: Ocean, Bird, Sky Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: September 12, 2013
In the beginning, before people, when only animals were on earth, all of the animals except for a few worked. The animals that did not work were Owl, Rabbit, Dragon, Coyote and Whale. They each have a story of their own which adds up to what made the world so beautiful, here is how they all go.

Owl was a very quiet, but lazy bird. He was very different from other birds though, and he was always treated unfairly just because of his appearance. He had a beak that curved in towards the bottom, a very wide body shape, big eyes, and a large rounded head. The only thing that made owl and the other birds alike was the way they lived. He ate just like them, bathed just like them, and slept just like them, but one day something strange happened. Millions of years ago, there was no darkness, only daylight. The birds still slept, but they slept in nothing but daylight. One day, Owl wasn't feeling himself anymore, he asked all the other birds if they noticed anything different about him and they all said no. Many hours later, all of the birds knew that it was midnight, and that it was time to go to sleep, so they did. All but Owl, he did not feel like he needed any sleep. He stayed up for a few hours and all of a sudden the sky above him turned into pure darkness. Owl was confused but scared at the same time, so he told all of the other birds to wake up, and they did. They thought and thought, but could not find out what had made the sky so dark. Soon after the darkness went away and daylight came, they found out that Owl had not slept from 12am-7am. Every night after that, Owl would not sleep, so the sky would remain dark throughout the whole night. Owl's lack of sleep is the reason why it's dark at night, and will forever remain that way until Owl decides to sleep at night again.

Now Coyote, the laziest animal of them all, just laid on a smooth stone all day while the animals created rivers, oceans, and many other resourceful things. Coyote would lay on the rock...
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