Mythos Logos Paper

Topics: Religion, Mythology, Mind Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: September 22, 2012
If you don’t reach for the moon, you can’t fall on the stars. Nicaela Puno Aviles
Year II- Advertising 2A1

Philosophy and Greek mythology surely contributed a lot especially in enriching the mind of people as generations pass by and as its population continues to grow. Yet, at the same time the evolution of Philosophy and Greek mythology likely grows overtime as it undergoes additions, changes and criticisms. People has been fully enriched by knowledge of Greek mythology through stories probably by literally books or stories that was told over and over again. It’s widely known to everyone whether young at age or not. On the other hand, not everyone is aware of ignorance that an individual possess hence they are exposed to the light than Philosophy brings. From the text, Greek mythology shaped the Greek mind from the bearing of knowledge of the Olympian Gods through stories told over and over again. The Olympians Gods serves as the foundation of mythology stories for people believes that there is no individual God but yet there is God in everything, The sky, the earth/sea and the underworld is composed of 3 leading Gods that dominate the world for which is Zeus or the God of the sky, Poseidon, God of the Sea and of the Earth and Hades as the God of the Underworld or death. It is also through stories for which people are able to create the idea of heaven and hell, and probably life and death. The Greek believes that the Gods are everywhere for they are the ones who fulfil their needs. They are each and every element that surround, guide and nurture them in their everyday lives. They give gifts sacrificial or not in order to honour their presence and as a form of thanksgiving. The Olympian Gods did not claim in creating the world but they believe that they dominate it. But yet there are several myths which specifically tell that the earth basically came through the base form of water. From never ending myths and stories made, the people are able to think and...
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