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Topics: Norse mythology, Odin, Prose Edda Pages: 19 (4699 words) Published: May 4, 2014
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Double spaced, 5 pages, 3 scholarly articles
Roman gods and Ovid Intro
Greek and roman equivalents
Ovid the Poet
Born 43 BC
His first poems appeared in 20 BC
Completed the metamorphoses in 8 AD
Timeless subjects like sex, friendship, love, art, the individual vs. the state, man and god Significant that Ovid’s work survived the early Christian periods as it is strongly concerned with seduction, adultery, incest, etc. Famous Paintings Ovid-Inspired

Pan and Syrinx
Staatliche Museen, Kassel
Leda and the Swan
Paola Veronese
Wisdom and Strength
44 BC: Julius Caesar murdered
31 BC: Roman civil war: Battle of Actium-off the western coast of Greece, forces of Octavian defeat troops under Mark Antony and Cleopatra 27 BC: the roman senate votes Octavian the title Augustus. Augustus eventually assumes all authority formerly held by the roman senate henceforth known as the roman empire, and the period from 27 BC to AD 305 as the Principate 6 BC -4 BC: birth of Jesus of Nazareth

In 8 or 9 CE Ovid was banished to Tomi, a city on the Black Sea in what is now modern Romania. The reasons behind Ovid’s exile have been the subject of much guessing. He himself tells us that the reason was “a poem and a mistake.” Ovid the Satirist

Elegantly ignored all that Augustus was promoting
Used satire to comment on Augustan politics by showing its hypocrisy and impracticality Becomes a thorn in Augustus side
Augustus and Ovid
Infuriated the empror Augustus (63 BCE – 14 CE). The emperor excluded it from the public libraries Ovid’s Fun with Words
Used ordinary Latin Poetic vocabulary
Verbal wit
Loved to get a rise out of his audience
Builds whole episodes on the conflict of language and reality Unlike Virgil, his language wants to draw attention to itself Ovid’s Figurative Language
Change of directions
Again… Why Myths
Importance of rites and rituals
Give us collective understanding of our world
Connect us to the physical world
Help us contextualize fears about the world
Represent features of the psyche
Address the metaphysical by questioning the enigma of our existence Show universal features of the human spirit
Connect people through time
Ovid Bio
Born in Sulmo 90 miles east of Rome march 20th, 43 BC one year after the assignation of Caesar Born into a wealthy family of Equestrian rank
Contemporary of Virgil
Around the age of 40 he composes Metamorphoses, challenging himself to write in the epic form His most innovative work
An epic that refuses to take the epic seriously
When and Where
No logical frame exists; in many ways metamorphoses is out of time or beyond time The metamorphoses takes us through creation, out of chaos, through Europe, Asia, over centuries of mythological time to Augustan Rome Structure

Some narratives seems to lead logical into the next, while other are abruptly inserted without real segue Experimental Literature
Works as a patchwork quilt
Fragments woven together
Built of discontinuity
No central character- no hero
No unified plot
Does not move
Feelings about the unknown
The only way to communicate with the natives, the poet complains, is by gestures Ovid’s description of the barbarian reminds us of the stereotypes we find in Greek roman literature Ovid journeyed to Tomis with this cultural baggage, thus importing The Epic (Stephen Harrison)

Stands alone as the only non-elegiac work in the entire ovidian corpus Meets epic criteria being long, in hexameters, and treating mythological materials Begins with a 4 line proem identifying itself as both continuous and fine-spun Begins a...
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