Mythology Midterm

Topics: Universe, God, Creation myth Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: November 16, 2009
Compare any two myths from different regions; focus on similarities with epic heroes or similar creation myths.
I’m going to compare the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth to the Creation of Titans and the Gods, the Greek creation myth. The first similarity between the two is pretty obvious; they are both creation myths. All of the gods in both myths are related to some part of the naturalness of the earth. For instance, god of the sky (Zeus, Anu), god of the waters (Apsu, Tiamat, Poseidon), ETC. In both myths the storyline as a whole is the same, the details are what differ. The fathers are afraid of their children overthrowing them. Each father devises a plan to rid themselves of the threat by getting rid of the children. The plans are both different and work out a little bit differently in each story, but the outcomes are the same, the children end up winning. In the Babylonian creation myth, Marduk becomes the hero and the ruler of all gods and in the Greek creation myth Zeus takes that title. Zeus and Mardukare also very similar. They both divided up the universe and created order and stability. They both were interested in the good of everything they ruled over and were generally good gods but when they were angry no one could withstand their wrath. The only differences these share are because of different religious beliefs and things of that sort but as a whole these two myths are pretty much identical. Contrast any two myths from different regions; discuss the influence of climate on the development of those creation/fertility myths.

I’m going to contrast the Creation of Titans and the Gods, the Greek creation myth with the Creation, death, and rebirth of the Universe, the Hindu creation myth. These two creation myths are complete opposites in my opinion. The Hindu creation myth focuses on reincarnation where as the Greek creation myth is based on the ruler moving from generation to generation. This is primarily what makes these...
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