Mythological Presents in Reality Tv Shows

Topics: Odyssey, Homer, Epic poetry Pages: 4 (1734 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Many Americans gather around the television almost every night of the week to view the latest episode of their favorite thrilling and alluring show. What very few people realize is that most of the time the producers and screen writers did not come up with the idea and themes of these main stream shows all on their own. Much of the modern day media can be traced back to ancient text and stories that were common in antiquity. In the television show, Once Upon A Time it is clear to see that the source of the production comes from fairy tales and Disney movies, but some of the underlining themes actually originate from sources much farther back than Beauty and The Beast. This would entail Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey and the role of more of an ancient beast, the Siren. As society has developed, the view on the mythological creature, the Siren, has also developed into a more socially acceptable and relatable image that resonates more with the new audience. Based on the viewers who watch the television hit Once Upon A Time compared to the audience of Homer’s epic The Odyssey, the themes have coincided with one another and have morphed to best fit the era in which they were both produced. In the show Once Upon A Time many of the fairytale story characters have been enchanted by a curse that the evil queen has put on their land that erases their memory and brings them all to a little town in Maine. During each episode there are always scenes that flashback to the old life of the characters, which of course ties into the plot that is going on in Maine. In the episode What Happened to Fredrick, Prince Charming, also known as David in the present day land, was suppose to marry Princess Abigail to collide two kingdoms. The two did not want to follow through with the arrangement because they are both in love with other people, Charming with Snow White, and Abigail with a prince named Frederick. The prince was in battle with Abigail’s father, who was curse was that...
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