Mythological Lens

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Mythological Lens
Story of an Hour:
The first thing that we learn about Louise is her heart trouble which is also a symbol of an individual’s emotional core. It is not just a physical illness but also a symbol for her fluctuating emotions about her marriage and how she is treated by her husband. Since Louise Mallard has this heart trouble it is important that the news of her husband’s death be brought to her gently, but little did they know about her unhappiness with her absence of freedom in her relationship. When she finds out about her husband’s death and realizes her new freedom she becomes alive again. At the end of the story when she dies, the doctor’s diagnoses was that it was caused by overwhelming joy, “joy the kills”, when it was actually the loss of joy from her new freedom that had killed her. The open window in the short story represents her freedom. Throughout most of the story Louise is staring out this window noticing the blue skies, treetops, white puffy clouds, birds and people singing. All these things she notices show signs of happiness and spring which represents new life and excitement. She also smells a rainstorm coming which foreshadows what is to come later on in the story. This window, and the view from the window, is Louise’s new outlook on life and her new, bright future that is to come. Once she is asked to step away from the window to go downstairs, she immediately loses her freedom. When Louise first finds out about her husband’s death she goes straight to her chair, which is described to be comfortable and roomy. This armchair shows her rest from the oppressed life she has been living and her new found freedom. Mrs. Mallard is a symbol herself for women during her time period who were unable to find happiness in marriage and motherhood; not just because that is where it is found, but because of their restricted freedom within their marriage itself. Sonny’s Blues:

In Sonny’s Blue there are many references to the Bible. For...
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