Myth or reality

Topics: Theory, Scientific method, Atlantis Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Myth or Reality

In the world there are only few places where people go missing for no logical explanation. The Bermuda Triangle is a place located in the ocean near the Bahamas and said to be where planes and ships have gone missing. From an article entitled Bermuda Triangle it sates that according to the national and safety transportation board only a few ships and planes has gone down during the past ten years but over 30 of them have gone down in the Bermuda Triangle(Weather, 2). Also in the same article it states in the past hundred years the Bermuda Triangle has claimed more then 100 ships and planes and taken over a thousand lives (Weather, 2). As the reader can see the Bermuda has had many disappearances occur without any explanation of what caused the disappearances. What is known is that there are many Theories that support the science behind it and the supernatural. The Triangle is located near Florida and extends east to a point through the Bahamas and then back again. To see this on a map it would be the shape of a triangle, hence getting the name the Bermuda Triangle. In this research essay the point argued is that the scientific theories behind the Bermuda triangle are far more plausible that theories of the super Natural.

A scientific theory of the loss of ships and planes is the rough and unexpected weather conditions in the Bermuda triangle. In the world some of the biggest storms pass right through the Bermuda triangle. The article Top 10 Explanations for the Bermuda triangle at explains the power of a storm in the Triangle. “Caribbean-Atlantic storms yield unpredictable weather and water spouts within the area of the Bermuda triangle making weather and rough waves one of the biggest causes of disappearances”(Jaro). If a plane or ship was anywhere near this storm they most likely would be taken out. Also many people would have a hard time discovering where a plane or ship disappeared to because them storm could...
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