Myth and Archetype Analysis

Topics: Greek mythology, Orpheus, Eurydice Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: February 23, 2010
When life presents us with an opportunity where we can get ahead, or allows us a chance to make a past transgression right, we are obliged to discern the occasion and take action. We must move forward with confidence, and not look back, for this may be a once in a life time opportunity. Indecision or hesitation may cause us to miss out on what we really desire in life, and what we may end up with instead is a life filled with regret. Unfortunately, the latter is the case in the Greek myth of “Orpheus and Eurydice” and The Bible story of Lot and his wife. It was the uncertainty, and lack of confidence in which Orpheus, Lot, and his wife displayed that caused ruin over their lives. In the two stories, the situation archetypal elements were opportunity, doubt and doom.  Hell or the underworld was their fate, however in each situation they were given the chance to be spared, but doom and doubt blocked their stroke of luck.                 In life we must recognize when we are being presented with an opportunity that we may never receive again. In the myth “Orpheus and Eurydice”, Orpheus was granted a once in a lifetime chance to rescue his beloved Eurydice who had carelessly stepped on a snake, and was carried off to Hades.  He immediately partitioned to the gods of Hades, and was granted the opportunity to journey to the underworld to rescue the one who held his affections. With the possibility of having her life spared, Orpheus began to plead his case. In the lyrics of his song to the gods sprung forth the despair he was feeling. He sang, “Oh gods of the underworld, to all who live must come, hear my words. I am Orpheus, son of Apollo, and I seek my beloved Eurydice. Let me lead her to the earth, or I myself will remain here, for I cannot return alone”. (2) His song was so sorrowful, even the gods of Hades were filled with pity, and could not deny Orpheus’ request. He had received his break, and soon he was reunited with Eurydice, and was allowed to take her back...
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