Mystic in Religion

Topics: Religion, Mysticism, Prayer Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Mystic in religion

Every religion has its own set of rituals and ceremonies, the implementation of which sometimes provides feedback with something secretly. We can find a lot of facts when people saw or felt something strange during praying or just being in the saint place. Also some believers keeps in touch with spirits and gods, who help to make right decisions and answer some complete questions. One of the most mystical phenomena is bleeding Christians icons. Such activity usually involves some kind of disaster or catastrophe. Before the terror attack in Moscow, where was killed 129 people, in one of the Moscow church a week before the event started the icon of Theotokos begun to bleed. Hundreds of worshipers came to pray but it couldn’t prevent the tragedy. Such cases are many, and none of them has not yet been explained by science. Another quite common is the appearance of keeping the Saints on various subjects, such cases also generally occur before disaster. People photograph them and distribute these images. Science can’t explain the nature of appearance, but church argues that such signs warn and protect people from sudden deaths. Phenomenon that unlike previous has a logical explanation, but it never ceases to amaze mankind - is ghosts. Scientists argue that the spirits of the dead, which some people with thin energy field see or feel, it's just the remains of a deceased person's energy field, which eventually disappears. Establishing contact, as do the mediums and psychics, official science denies, however, de facto, this practice is carried out. So there are a lot of another mystic facts in religion, but the main thing is in what and how person believes. Only faith in God, the power of the mind or in space humans can do wonders with a man.
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