Mystery Powder

Topics: Chemical substance, Chemistry, Mixture Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Hector Buenrostro
Alexys Tran
Edgar Contreras
Daniel Rodríguez
5th period
9 September 2013
The Mystery Powder Lab Report
One morning Ms. Mandell woke up to find a weird type of matter. It was a wired heterogeneous mixture we could tell where the solvent and solute separated. She has no idea what it is so she brought the sample to class to show us. The purpose of the lab is for us to try and figure out what makes up this heterogeneous mixture, by making observations on the mixtures that we will be making with the different solvents and solutes she provided she provided for us. When we mixed A3 with solvent B it started to foam making it a chemical reaction. We believe that solute four mixed with solvent A makes up the mystery powder. The following definitions will help you understand the terms this report better. Matter: Any object that takes up Space.

Chemical Changes: Any alteration that changes the identity of matter. Physical Changes: Alteration that doesn’t change the identity of matter. Homogonous Mixture: A mixture that looks like its only one substance. Heterogeneous Mixture: A mixture where you can see the different substances. Physical Properties: Characteristics of a substance that can be observed/measure/ without changing the composition of the substance. Chemical Properties: The way a substance reacts with other substances to form a new substance with different properties. Solvent: It is the liquid that wasps used.

Solutes: The component that was used.

If solute four is mixed with solvent A then the mystery mixture has been made. Procedure:
First we gathered the materials that were provided for us, a three millimeter pipette, 12 well plate, eight tooth picks, 2 popsicle stick, 4 different solutes, and 2 different solvents. We started by dividing the three rows on the 12 well plate, row A, B, and C. We put the first four solutes on row A of the 12 well plate then we skipped row B and put the same four...
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