Mystery of Disappearing Oil (Q3)

Topics: Sales, Gasoline, Diesel fuel Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Question 3: Should he continue to run this business but take over the management from Jamel? Or was he better off selling the business to Robert? In our opinion, Mat Jon should continue to run business and take over from Jamel. The business still can survive because the business located at strategic location, the business has positive potential to growth, and many potential customers. In addition, he should control management within the business in term of operation and administration. The significant justification why should Mat Jon retain with his business is the business location. As mentioned in the case, the petrol station located at very busy area, which is near to highways, residential area, schools, industrial and also highway to low cost air terminal. In addition, he should realize that, petrol is necessities for a great number of human needs. Mat Jon also should not closed or sell the business because the business have positive potential to growth. It proves by the seriousness Robert Leung persuades Mat Jon to hand over business to him. As we studied, we know Robert Leung was a successful entrepreneur, so that he might see the great future of the Spetrol Station. Besides that, the strategic location of the business enable for Mat Jon to interact many potential customer. It may come from students, industrial workers and walk-in customer from the nearby highways. Customers are enjoying from his diversifying products such as petrol and diesel fuel, snack food and lubricant. So, there is no reason for Mat Jon sell his business to Robert Leung. There are few justification whether or not Mat Jon sell his business to Robert Leung. First of all is Mat Jon can avoid from the current business problem such as in total sales and the cost total sales figures. As he suspected Jamel make fraud, if he continue the business and take over the business from Jamel it may create conflict in his family bonding. In addition he old enough to take of the business. As...
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