Mystery Audit in Retailing

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Audit Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: November 2, 2010
A marketing mystery audit is a comprehensive, systematic, interdependent and periodic examination of company’s or business unit’s environment, objectives, strategies, and action. It is a structured review of your current marketing activities. It gives you the opportunity to review objectively what you are currently doing and it enables you to analyse your current performance as well as your past performance. A comprehensive review of a company's marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities compared to world class standards, the marketing audit identifies operational strengths and weaknesses and recommends changes to the company's marketing plans and programs.

What is Mystery Audit?
Mystery Audits provide an independent and constant examination of the ‘real’ internal practices a company and what are your customers really thinking about your products and services? It helps in evaluating the practices in relation to defined standard requirements and help companies to achieve consistency as well as continual improvement in their customer delivery models, standards, procedures. Each audit results in a detailed report highlighting qualitative and quantitative data findings for the audit and also highlights the improvement plan based on the audit findings. All this information allows our customers to identify both their strong and weak points so that they can improve in the required area, which directly increases consumer’s satisfaction and which means increasing sales. Benefits of Mystery Audits

In today’s complex and demanding world where consumer is the king, the level and quality of service that consumers expect has increased, and so the delivery procedure of service providers or products suppliers. Mystery audits can help in improving the following – • Increase Sales By Improving the Customer Experience as you learn first-hand from your customer what is and is not working correctly • Mystery audits can be used to Motivate Front-line...
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