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Microsoft Excel
Practical Examination
Thursday 23rd November 2012 11.00 am – 12.30 pm
Duration 1½ Hours
Instructions for Candidates
Instructions for Exam
Read the paper fully before you start the exam
Attempt all the questions
Save the files to the desktop in a folder called MySpreadsheet[yourname] At the end of the exam return this examination paper to the supervisor Make sure your name is on all of the printouts
Daly Electrical Ltd is a small Electrical Installation company that mainly service water treatment plants nationwide. The have a group of employees that travel the country that include Electricians and Apprentices. You are required to set up a spreadsheet that will keep track of the hours worked and the net pay of these employees. All monetary should be displayed in currency with 2 decimal places.

Figure 1
Set up the data and input the data as shown in Figure 1, with cell alignments as shown and appropriate column widths. Use an IF function to calculate the Hourly Rate of each employee based on the following information: If employee is an Electrician Hourly Rate €21

If employee is an Apprentice Hourly Rate €15
Calculate the Gross Pay by multiplying the Hourly Rate by the Hours Worked and copy this formula down all cells where it is needed. Using an absolute cell address for the tax calculate the total tax that has to be deducted from each employee as Gross Pay multiplied by 21% copy this formula down all cells where it is needed. Calculate the Net Pay as Net Pay minus Tax copy this formula down all cells where it is needed. Insert your name in cell E2.

Save the spreadsheet to the desktop in the folder that you have created and name it Task1. Print the spreadsheet with all data visible.
Insert a new column between columns D and E and call it Nights Away. Input the new data that is shown in red print in Figure 2 below do not enter the data in red leave it as default colour. Figure 2

Use the IF function to calculate the...
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