Myspace and Facebook Culture Phenomenon’s

Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: October 9, 2009
The worlds social network phenomenon’s are Myspace and Facebook. There are a lot of people arguing that Myspace is better then Facebook or vise versa, when any way one looks at it they are both social network and cultural phenomenon’s. Myspace is more for the people that want to make new friends are meet people from all around. Facebook is a based on School mates talking to each other.

The Myspace Generation they live online, they buy online, they play online, and

their power is growing. Their power is increasing do to the amount of time people spend

on Myspace and Facebook. The DMW done a survey at USC asking the question, What

do you do on Myspace and Facebook?, over thirty- seven percent said talking to my

friends about school and getting help on school assignments. The last seventy- three

percent said, just talking to friends and family.

The Culture and social networking phenomenon Myspace has taken a little more than a year to reach 50 million profiles and around $40 million in profits. The actual use of the network varies from identity-making to social-climbing. Child actor Jeremy Jackson is discussed as having risen to the “top” of LA nightlife, simply through his online perusing of the site and e-mailed invitations to various women. In this way, this paper examines how Myspace becomes a “lifestyle choice and culture phenomenon” in which someone may incorporate their internet behavior with their everyday occurrences. Similarly, the profile nature of the site allows for your personal identity to be displayed for the world, whether or not it is true to ones being.

Facebook and Myspace is great for advertising. If anyone has ever been on either of the sites on every page one clicks on there are at least three advertises. There is not only business advertising there is also social advertising. Social advertising is a very big trend in the two phenomenon’s Myspace and Facebook. Both sites get a large amount of money...
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