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I have come across many a person talking about themselves and one thing is for sure, I never was a big fan of boasting and therein lay my first quality that I want to talk about and that is my goodness. By 'goodness' here I mean the fact that you never want to hurt anyone, are always ready to help, always forgiving, never taking revenge or never even picking a fight with someone who wronged you. This quality comes in a package with many other various qualities especially patience. I believe that I have more patience than many people around me. And by this I do not relate to my response to someone purposely irritating me but to patience in my life. Always having the guts to wait and watch and act at the right time in order not to make any mistakes that could have been avoided. The quality of goodness is basically being 'Mr. Nice Guy'. I can write a whole book on how being a nice guy will make all the others happy around you while ruining your life (most of the time!).

These days every time someone invests time and love into a friendship, they end up hurt and used while the other person waltzes away to glory. For no fault of yours it’s sad really when the world could really do with a lot more goodness. I have found very few people in my life who have reciprocated my goodness and I have never been disloyal to them. I hope it stays that way. And then there are the big disappointments in life.

Moving on, I love my family, I want them to stay united; even if I have to lie I do so in order to keep everyone happy. I do believe in the saying - "Friends may come and go, but family stays forever," I don't really know who said it and if anyone hasn’t I shall record it. I always give money to the needy on the road, support every cause of charity and always put the wants of my fellow brothers and sisters before my needs. I treat elders with respect and...
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