Topics: Meaning of life, Gift, Future Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Cathy Louis

Questions being answered:
How has TEEP benefitted me, or how much of an impact has it had on my life? List 3 of your future goals? How do you plan on achieving those goals? Please reflect on your future, where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Where do I even begin? I started TEEP when I was a raising 7th grader. I was really hesitate on going because it was somewhere out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know anyone who was going or what the program was really about. My first year at TEEP was an experience I will never forget. I met new friends and I stepped out of my confront zone. Then for my raising 9th grade yea TEEP benefitted me by helping me open my eyes to things I would of never taken the chance to explore. TEEP has helped me understand the full meaning of reciprocity and how good it felt to give back to your own community. TEEP gave me the opportunity to give back by going on a farm and helping out with some responsibility. You never realize how hard others life is until you step in their shoes. Once I saw the peoples faces that we were helping it was like nothing ever before. I never understood what people meant by, “It’s better to give than receive” because as a young girl I would love receiving gifts and hate giving them. But though my growth with TEEP I know what that quote means and how it feels. By giving that gift, it then gives me hope that that person will give to someone else. TEEP has done many things for me, but my favorite tool they taught me was that giving reciprocity never felt so good. Now every time I have the opportunity to help someone I don’t take a second thought on anything. I act, because I know that the reward of satisfaction is greater than anything in the world. From a young age I have always been a very determined and driven person for everything that I set out to do. I have always known that no matter what I do in life I want to do something that can make a difference in someone's...
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