Myob Analysis

Topics: Economics, Intellectual property, Capitalism Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: March 19, 2011
1. MYOB background

The distribution of MYOB has various channels. Customers can order the software via phone, fax, and online-shop or purchase it directly from retail stores, dealers or MYOB’s partners. The latter one is an essential approach for MYOB to expand its service and exploit its market. Specifically, MYOB offers two partner-programs, namely the Associate Partner Program and the Certified Consultant Program, to absorb individuals or firms to offer sale and consultant services. (Carly, 2002) 2. China market background

Small and medium-sized enterprises, as the MYOB’s target market since it was founded, have a quite different developing condition in China. SMEs were not occurred in China until the economic reforms in 1980s. However, China witnessed a total earthshaking change in composition of enterprises with the number of SMEs founded during last two decades outnumbering the sum of that in the United States and Europe in the same period. (Chris, 2007) Precisely because of the booming flourish and prosperity, SMEs face many challenges and threats during their business operation, including financial issue, accounting issue, distribution issue etc. As a result, professional business accounting and financial management software is in high demand for the rapidly growing market. Before the MYOB’s launching in china, the market of accounting software is dominated by several local companies including jindie, yongyou and suda etc.

3. PESTEL analysis
Political factors
The political system in china is generally defined as collectivism and socialism communist totalitarianism although the latter one is more than an empty title at present due to the reform of market economy. However, the concept of totalitarianism may not be ignored in china which is a combined cultural and historical sedimentation. Also, the macroeconomic control of central government is probably still an existent and essential solution when, for instance, an economic recession...
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