Mydin Teh Best

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INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF LEADERSHIP (ICLIF) - 2009 Case 1: Mydin Mohamed Holding Bhd


You won’t go wrong shopping at Mydin Wholesale store, Where you can spend much less and take home much more, Whether rich or poor, we have merchandise just for you, We have the off brands and the name brand too

Poem dedicated to Mydin,
From a small family business to emporium, it is now going into the hypermarket chain system. MYDIN is not just an ordinary competitor to all local retailing companies. Other big players in the local retail industry are owned by foreign entities such as Carrefour, Jusco, Tesco and Giant. These foreign-owned megastores cannot treat the existence of MYDIN lightly, and has to accept that MYDIN is an aggressive and progressive local retailer that is slowly eroding their market share in the retail industry. Today, MYDIN is known to Malaysians not only for its value for money merchandise, but has a premium brand amongst customers as well as local manufacturers. The local manufacturers have found a conducive and appropriate avenue to channel their products. What or who have made MYDIN into what it is today? What are the factors that over the years have transformed this hawker business into a retail chain that is to be reckoned with by the big boys? Who drives this transformation process?

The company started with a humble beginning. Well before the independence of Malaya in 1940, a hawker by the name of Mydin Mohamed started a small business in Penang selling merchandise and toys to customers in the nearby neighbourhood of Georgetown. Sensing an opportunity in the east coast resulting from inflow of goods from the neighboring country Thailand, Mydin moved to Kelantan to set up his very first shop in the year the country achieved its independence, 1957. While the business was steadily growing, there was little to be proud of as Mydin was only able to operate and maintain one outlet.

THE ERA OF PRE-MYDIN MOHAMED HOLDINGS: A PRELUDE TO A LONG TRAIL OF MIGRATION TO SUCCESS The first migration It was not all rosy for this family operated business in its early years. Since setting up the first hawker business in Penang in 1940 to the decision to forge

Nik Maheran, Filzah, Siti Norezan


INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF LEADERSHIP (ICLIF) - 2009 ahead in a foreign land in Kelantan, it has become the focal point upon which important decisions were made by Mr Mydin and his sons later on. Being the eldest child in the family, the visions that Mr Mydin’s late father had shared with him and his younger siblings had also encouraged him to be a visionary entrepreneur, taking challenges upon his stride in order to improve his family’s finances. Thus, the stage was set for the migration to a new land – Kelantan. He left behind the hawker business to his younger brothers to takeover, sacrificing everything he has worked hard for to start all over again together with his family in Kota Bharu. In the early years, life as a general retailer in Kota Bharu, life was tough as Mr Mydin had only a bicycle for transportation of his goods. He had to cycle all over town in the scorching heat and heavy rain to order goods and make deliveries to his many customers. During the times that he had to make out of town deliveries, he had to travelled by bus. Business slowly prospered and he was able to purchase a van for deliveries. Ten long years in the small retail business did not deter him from becoming a successful wholesaler. So it was, in the year 1957, that Syarikat Mydin Mohamed, a sole proprietorship company was formed in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Close proximity to Thailand means that Kota Bharu is the best transit for business transactions between the two countries. The heavy traffic of goods to and from Thailand has facilitated Mr Mydin’s business to expand and achieve popularity among the local residents. The second migration History seems to...
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