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Mydin Mohamed Bin Ghulam Hussein
In 1918, Mydin was founded by Ghulam Hussein Bin Jamal, the father of Mydin Mohamed. Sadly, during World War II their shop in Penang was burnt down and they lost everything. But because of strong determination, Mydin Mohamed continues the trades of wholesaling. Mydin Mohamed is born on 1928 at Pulau Pinang, a son of Ghulam Hussein Bin Jamal. His grandfather, Jamal is a Muslim’s immigrant from India. Mydin Mohamed got married with 15 years old girl from India namely Rowshan Bai on 1949. They have 7 children as a result of their marriage, 3 girls and 4 boys. Now, Mydin is being led by his second son, Dato’ Ameer Ali Mydin. After World War II, Mydin Mohamed opened a small shop in Kota Bahru, Kelantan by selling toys and also general merchandise on 1957. With his own saving, without the help of government or anyone else, he begin to start his business empire with his small shop that have a really small space equivalent to the shop size. Only after 2 decades, Mydin Mohamed finally able to expand his business to the nearer country. In 1979 after 22 years, Mydin Mohamed expands his business to Terengganu. With this we can see the patience within Mydin Mohamed towards his business. Today young entrepreneurs do not really have patience within them because they want to achieve success in the short time and they try to achieve it through an easier way or using shortcuts.

Mydin only have 2 shops after it being establish in 1957 at Kota Bharu but now, Mydin have 94 outlets nationwide including 7 hypermarket, 18 emporiums, 3 bazaars 52 mini-marts that operates as MyMydin, 9 convenience stores that operate as MyMart and 6 franchise outlets operating as Mydin Mart. Now it is known as Mydin Mohamed Holdings BHD. in Malaysia and they also have total value of RM 1.6 billion per year. Everyone that success have their own recipe or secret so do Mydin. Their success is because of the value and culture that run towards the family and actually,...
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