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Myanmar Market Data

By leaves111 Jan 27, 2013 623 Words
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

urban population: 34% of total population (2010)
rate of urbanization: 2.9% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)

Myanmar Economy:

It is a resource-rich country, suffers from pervasive government controls, inefficient economic policies, corruption, and rural poverty. Despite Myanmar's emergence as a natural gas exporter, socio-economic conditions have deteriorated under the mismanagement of the previous regime. Approximately 32% of the population lives in poverty and Myanmar is the poorest country in Southeast Asia.

The business climate is widely perceived as opaque, corrupt, and highly inefficient. Wealth from country's ample natural resources is concentrated in the hands of an elite group of military leaders and business associates. In 2010-11, the transfer of state assets - especially real estate - to military families under the guise of a privatization policy further widened the gap between the economic elite and the public.

The economy suffers from serious macroeconomic imbalances - including multiple official exchange rates that overvalue the Burmese kyat, fiscal deficits, lack of commercial credit further distorted by a non-market interest rate regime, unpredictable inflation, unreliable economic data, and an inability to reconcile national accounts. Myanmar's poor investment climate - including weak rule of law - hampers the inflow of foreign investment; in recent years, foreign investors have shied away from nearly every sector except for natural gas, power generation, timber, and mining.

The exploitation of natural resources does not benefit the population at large. The most productive sectors will continue to be in extractive industries - especially oil and gas, mining, and timber - with the latter two causing significant environmental degradation. Other areas, such as manufacturing, tourism, and services, struggle in the face of poor infrastructure, unpredictable trade policies, undeveloped human resources (the result of neglected health and education systems), endemic corruption, and inadequate access to capital for investment. Private banks still operate under tight domestic and international restrictions, limiting the private sector's access to credit. The United States, the European Union, and Canada have imposed financial and economic sanctions on Myanmar. US sanctions, prohibiting most financial transactions with the country’s entities, impose travel bans on senior Myanmar military and civilian leaders and others connected to the ruling regime, and ban imports of Myanmar products. These sanctions affect the country's fledgling garment industry, isolate the struggling banking sector, and raise the costs of doing business with Myanmar companies, particularly firms tied to Myanmar regime leaders.

In 2011 the government took initial steps toward reforming and opening up the economy by lowering export taxes, easing restrictions on its financial sector, and reaching out to international organizations for assistance. Although the Myanmar government has good economic relations with its neighbors, significant improvements in economic governance, the business climate, and the political situation are needed to promote serious foreign investment.


* Market data
* Trade publications
* Trade Fairs and Shows
* Trade Consulates
* Chambers of Commerce
* Government Departments
* Industry Associations

* Unique (different)
* Less expensive (lower price than in-country)
* In demand (required)
* Better quality (use of materials and add-ons)

Supplier selection

* Price
* Production capacity
* Product quality
* Experience
* Location
* Reliability
* Innovativeness

Marketing objective

* Market share
* Profit
* Brand Image
* Sales growth
* Market entry
* Other goals

Cost determinate

* Market research
* Credit checks
* Business travel
* Product modification
* Special packaging
* Business consultants
* PR firms

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