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• Union of myanmar is located in the western part
of indo-china peninsula and the northeast into the
law of the People's Republic of China, the northw
est border with India, jar gallas, southeastern neig
hbour to Laos, Thailand, southwest of the bay of B
engal and the andaman sea.Area 6 7. 6 square kilo
meters, is the area of the biggest home around In
dochina, 3,200 km coastline.

• Myanmar to form a unified national 1 0 4 four years.1, 1, 2, 4 years 8 5 and 1 2 years 8 8 August 5 years the British colo nialists successively three times against Burma war, occupie d Burma entire territory by force, to Burma as a province of British India.1 9 3 of 7 years from British India, ruled by the British viceroy directly.1 May 4 2 years Japan's occupation o f Burma.4 5 years after the Japanese surrender, September

1 for British control.

• War of national liberation movement, 1 9 4 to 8 years on January 4, myanmar from "commonwealth" declaration of i
ndependence, union of myanmar.1 9 7 January 4 years to c
hange name of socialist republic of union of myanmar.1 9 8
8 years on September 2, 3, change a name for the union of
myanmar.1 9 5 June 8 0 years established diplomatic relatio
ns with China.

• Burmese account for 5% of the 6, Karen (8%), shan
(7%), other qin, qin, lockyer, jar, Bob, if open and ot
her ethnic minorities, and there are a few Indian na
tionals, Chinese descent the Burmese people and ov
erseas Chinese.The Irrawaddy and tin when river del
ta the most densely populated.More than 80% of th
e residents believe Buddhism.Burma is the official la

The natural environment
Low high terrain north south.The terrain can be roughly
three parts.A, the western mountain: for the north-south cent ral outstanding bow mountains, west most in 1008 meters ab
ove sea level.Second, shan plateau: above
1,000-1,300 m.More deep valley plateau surface, ups and
downs.Has a wide distribution of karst topography.Third, the I rrawaddy river valley, between the western mountain and sha
n plateau.Mountainous upstream, midstream valley plains hav
e prominent hill.Downstream in a narrow valley plain, delta n ear broadening.

• Throughout most of the region is a tropical monsoon
climate, the year can be divided into three: 3-5 months for
Novosibirsk, 6-10 month as the rainy season, 1 January - Fe
bruary for the cold season.The cold month (January) averag
e temperature for 20-25 degrees Celsius, the most thermid
or (April) average temperature for 25-30 degrees Celsius, p
oor years at about 10 degrees Celsius.Annual average rainfa
ll of coastal up to 3,000-5,000 mm, the central arid region al so has 500-1,000 mm, rainfall is heavy rain more, even in th e rain season, less rain cats and dogs, too.Most precipitatio n in July, 12, the following year in March as the dry period.

Natural resources
• Myanmar has rich tungsten, tin, lead, silver,
nickel, iron, chromium, copper, oil and other
minerals.Distribution of tungsten and tin in so
uthern shan state and aldrin in accordance wit
h the province.Northern shan state BaoDe tem
perature field rich in lead and zinc ore, copper,
nickel, silver, etc.

• The western JiLing temple nearby is rich in nickel ore.Dan old region is rich in iron ore, near taung-gyi state of iron ore iron content is very high.Oil is mainly distributed in the Irra waddy river downstream, kernel anji to ringha qiang in oil fi eld is the most important. A port is rich in natural gas.And p recious stones, jade, amber, building materials, etc.Rich for est resources, forest area accounts for about 7% area of the country's five or so, is rich in valuable teak, teak forest area of about 3 to 0% of the total forest area.

The economic situation
• Myanmar is an agricultural country, the agricultural
population accounts for about 6% of the country's populati
on 6, agricultural output value of 8 is about 0% of the total output value of industry and...
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