My Wrong Doings

Topics: Retailing, Supermarket, Meal Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: April 2, 2013
My Wrong Doings
We all try to be good people but sometimes we do the wrong thing. One time my wrong doing affected other people. One time shoplifted from WinCo. I did not know how it would affect others. Two years ago I was in WinCo shopping with my Mom on the day before Thanksgiving. The store was very crowded. It was close to lunch time and seeing all the shopping carts filled with food, I started imagining all the Thanksgiving meals that would be prepared, and all the people enjoying these meals made me very hungry. At this time I was walking in to the junk food section with potato chips, corn chips, cookies, crackers, and candy. When I saw a bag of M&Ms I reach out took it and walked out with the crowd of shoppers without paying for it. When I got out side I ate them. After that I went back inside and found my Mom. She was checking out and I bagged the groceries.

When we got home and were putting away the food, I started thinking about what I had done. When I took the M&Ms I did not think I would not get caught, I knew it was wrong it was stealing but I did it anyway. Later that day, I Googled “shoplifting.” I found out that retail stores have compensate for the losses in revenue by increasing prices and that forces honest people to pay more when they shop. Even the people I know will be affected by the shoplifting I did and all the shoplifting that goes on. After that I felt guilty about the financial burden I am putting on others. I know I will never do it again not under any circumstance. From now on I will buy it from the store.
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