My Writing Improvements

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I have a long way to go in order to become a successful writer. When a person writes something, they should have something to say. It seems that you really won’t have anything to say unless you actually analyze your surroundings, and honestly the amount of things we have to observe is endless. A weakness that I have improved on throughout the semester is organization of my writing. A lot of the times I would know what to say…but just not how to say it in my writing. When you specifically talked to me about articulating my ideas better through speaking versus in my writing, I began to change my writing into more of an outline format. I mostly realized that my organization changed when I was finished with the final research paper. As you are very well aware, I chose a very confusing topic. I felt like my writing was a little bit “all over the place” in the definition and cause and effect papers because I had little clue as to what I was talking about. I realized how much knowledge I needed of a topic itself in order to even come up with a proposition of the future of what may occur in that field. It wasn’t until I had started over on the research paper about three times when I finally decided on a thesis. When I finally chose something that I could clearly outline and argue, my paper had more of a natural flow to it.
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