My Worst Day Ever

Topics: Encore Une Fois, Bus, La maison de mon rêve Pages: 3 (1201 words) Published: October 9, 2010
My Worst Day Ever
Something’s banging inside my head and I wake up to the ugly sound of the fire alarm. When I realize where the sound was coming from, I run to my parent's bed to only find out that they're not home. I remember them telling me that they were staying at my uncle’s house and wouldn’t return till the next day. I run downstairs and call the fire department and then my parents to tell them the news. The fire department arrives first, and my parents are right behind them. They inspect the house to see what caused the fire alarm to start, but they come out laughing. They tell me that it wasn't the fire alarm that was ringing, but my alarm clock that sounds like a fire alarm. I am not only embarrassed but also in huge trouble from my parents since they have to pay for the charges. After a lecture from my parent, I want to go to sleep, but it’s time to go to school. I'm so sleepy and don't want to go to school, but my parents force me to go. I go to brush my teeth, and after I'm done, I find out the tooth brush I just used, fell in the toilet the day before. When I arrive at school, everyone's starts laughing at me and I have no idea why. My friend then tells me that I have 'Kick Me' sign on the back of my t-shirt. Could this day get any worse? Well, it can. I go to my class and find out that I have a pop quiz. I'm so tired that I fall asleep right on the quiz and wake up when my teacher starts collecting them. At lunch, I find out I forgot my lunch at home and sit through all my afternoon classes with an empty stomach. I’m ecstatic when the day finally ends, but my happiness is short lived. After begging to my teacher about giving me a re-test, which the answer to the question was no, I miss my bus home, meaning I have to take the public transit home. I wait for at least two hours for the bus to arrive, that I don’t even notice I get on the wrong bus. After I get off from my first bus, I finally get on the right bus, and sleep the entire way home....
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