My Woll Readings

Topics: Law, Constitution, Cannabis Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Woll Readings Part 1

Chapter 1, 5: How not to read the Constitution
This passage speaks about how the Constitution satisfies citizens and how it is created to prevent tyranny. This of course was written to prevent the tyranny that King George had upon the English. The founding fathers not only wished to prevent tyranny, they also wished to preserve liberty. This also caused them to create a “Bill of Rights” something which many of the founding fathers disagreed with at first. The Constitution however, is up to much interpretation. Thus it needs to be constantly amended and needs to evolve as society and their ideas evolve. This is the basis to the Amendment process and allows for the Constitution to hold for a long time. Constitution also contradicts itself quite often. This is explained by the massive size of the documents and how much it must be applicable for.

Chapter 2, 1: Federalism
The topic of Federalism was debated upon widely during the creation of the Constitution. For example, Federalism was negatively viewed at first because states felt that the federalism would undermine their power and cause a strong central government which would continue the tyranny that the people despised, something which caused them to break away from England in the first place. The passage also brings up desegregation laws that greatly decreased the power of the states since it required the states to conform to the will of the government. This of course angered the states and caused many to wonder how far the power of the government should extend. The passage also talks about the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, which included the inability to raise an Army, no efficient way of raising funding for the government to function, and an overall lack of power. The government had to rely on the states for any control they could exercise and the states often would not help the government. Alexander Hamilton later speaks about the pros to the federal...
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