My Weekend Vacation

Topics: Mickey Mouse, Los Angeles, Hollywood Walk of Fame Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 17, 2015
 My Weekend Vacation By Eve Billings

Over the weekend I went to universal studio with my little brother, friends and their three kids. We all got in the van and drove five hours to Los Angeles. And with four kids all under the age of ten is not easy. We had to play Disney music the whole ride there so the two year old wouldn’t cry. And all we can hear is “let it go” from the back seat all the way there. When we got there we had so much fun. We went on all the rides, the kids loved transformers and the minions, and mine was the mummy and Jurassic park rides, then we went on the tour and saw where all the movies were shot at. And part of the tour we got chased by one of the character with a knife. And we went on a 3-D ride for part of the tour, and saw Godzilla and some dinosaurs. My little brother didn’t like that part, he cried, but after the tour he was fine. It coasted me my whole check but it was worth it to spend time with my little brother. I don’t get to see him a lot, due to work, so I decided to take him on this vacation. The ticket alone was $176, the food cost us $190 a day, each game cost $20, and souvenirs cost us $150. After universal studio we went to Hollywood walk of fame. We saw our favorite celebrities’ stars like Michal Jackson, Robin Williams, Walt Disney, Shirley Temple, and Mickey Mouse the kids love see that and learning more about them. We also saw some people dressed up as super heroes the kids were confused of the four spiders man, two super man, and the batman. All my friends and I can do was laugh at their faces. We had to explain to them how their not the real hero’s just people dressed up like them. The only problem was that the super heroes wanted ten dollars a picture, what a rip off. Then we went to the Hollywood sign where we took some really funny photo that looks like the kid are holding up the sign. Then we went to the...
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