My Ways to Relax

Topics: A Great Way to Care, Want, Sound Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Relaxation is something that most people in the world do not get to have very often. When I get the chance to relax, there are three things that I enjoy doing to calm myself down: Listening to soft music, pampering myself, and sleeping are my three favourite things to do. Although some people prefer exercising to relieve themselves of stress, I find that relaxing is a great way to rid myself of a stressful day. In above three things, I like listening to soft music best Playing a slow song after a hard day of classes or work is a regular activity for me. Having a soothing song with a slow beat is a great way to release all my negative energy. This way I can sing at my leisure and not have to worry about anyone correcting me or caring if I am off tone with the song. Lyrics to a song are also important to me if I want to relax. I can not fully lie back and feel at peace with myself if I am hearing lyrics that are full of dirty language and bad words. In order for me to relax, I need to play the music softbaly because otherwise the words overpower my thoughs, and drain out any knowledge that I am trying to keep within myself, or release from myself. The softer the music, the more likely it will put me to sleep or set me in a mellow mood. A mood that I am looking for
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