My Vote: A Democrat or a Republican?

Topics: Democratic Party, George W. Bush, Working class Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: March 7, 2001
Am I Republican or Democrat?
If I were to vote in this upcoming election I would chose to vote for the democratic party. I agree with much of what it is supporting and feel they treat everyone equally. The democratic party is a more liberal and social party than the republicans. They have a much more wide variety of people then republicans. Democrats are for equality and freedom. They support social programs to help society. They want to give money to schools to receive higher education, which many people would appreciate and would make our country more educated. The democrats support welfare and woman's rights. They want an equal and involved country. They republicans want to give the wealthy less taxes, where as the democrats believe that the less wealthy and middle class should receive the lower tax. Religion plays an important role in the republican issues. Not everyone in the country is Christian or follows the bible. Republicans base many issues from religion, such as abortion. I myself do not support abortion or think that it is right, but I do think that if abortion were made illegal it would only cause more problems. It will make illegal abortions take place which are unsafe and life threatening to women. I don't think it would solve any thing. Plus not everyone in the country is a catholic or even agrees to the catholic beliefs. Republicans don't support homosexuality and marriage of homosexuals or founding for aids. I think that it is a choice not a law to be homosexual. I think that the country should try and help and support it's problems instead of just avoiding them. Democrats support welfare and helping the less fortunate. The taxes paid by the upper class are put aside and used to help the lower and middle classes. Republicans believe that this money could be given back to the people. Which in some ways would please many people but would still make our society weak as a team. The Republicans believe in a more conservative...
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