My Vision of a Successful Business

Topics: Management, Control theory, Feedback Pages: 5 (1735 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Ever since I could remember I have envisioned owning my own business. That is why I am pursing my Bachelors degree in Business management. I have learned so much from this course. Owning a business is a compilation of multitude of systems and driving forces to say the least. It is my desire to venture into a company with remembrance of what I have learned about controls and quality management and apply it to my company with success. The first step is acknowledging that changes are inedible and they impact the organizational control process. In the long run the changes can be a great success or a learning experience. It is the manager’s responsibility to note when a change is due and which type of control to implement. The control process of an organization is necessary. There are three types of controls; feedforward, concurrent, and feedback. The feedforward control is foreseeing the dilemma before it happens. Effective managers monitor their organization closely and try to predict issues prior to its occurrence. The concurrent control manages situations as they happen. At the conversion stage the manager is getting information which helps in making quick decisions when problems arise. The feedback control handles problems after they have taken place. In the feedback stage mangers are provided with information that can assist with changes when necessary. My organization I would have to say is functional. There are constant divisional meetings in place which assist in determining area of concern and they are dealt with immediately from the high level management to the subordinates. Managers and supervisor inform the subordinates of what is required and fortunately people respond positively. All organization must choose their method of the control system that works for them. A Poor choice of the control system will cause the organization to become dysfunctional. They have many evaluation systems in place. For one they have the mangers evaluate their employees as well as the employees evaluate their managers. This evaluation method provides a great deal of feedback and is used to make organizational changes. A technique that can be used for improvement is obtaining feedback from employees. This is a great way of analyzing where the company may be lacking and ideas for development. Sometimes it is as simple as giving employees the opportunity to discover what their co-worker do and how their role affects the next person. All organizations are learning environments. Cross training is a great way for everyone to learn a new skill as well as get to know what other co-workers experience on a daily basis. My organization is definitely a learning organization. I work in a teaching hospital. Not only are the students learning but all the staff as well. Because of the environment we have the capability of expanding our skills. A business can be classified as an organization that promotes learning by creating training opportunities and making it accessible to every level. Recognizing the areas where employees may have interests would be beneficial. An organization that is not a learning environment can offer training in and out of the job site. They can cross train as previously mentioned. Out-sourcing; companies that conduct training sessions can also be of great benefit. Fortunately my organization already has an abundance of learning opportunity it is up to me to take advantage. In my organization, upper management holds a monthly executive committee meeting in which they bring to the table issues and concerns from all areas. These various managers also hold monthly meeting with departmental directors. It is like a chain of command where meetings are held with the next level of management until the executive meeting is held at which time concerns and possible solutions are presented. Zoeckler (2003) said that “emotional intelligence is the ability to effectively connect through excellent communication, listening, conflict...
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