My Vision and Mission Statements

Topics: God, Interpersonal relationship, Family Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: February 25, 2013

I am committed with my relationship with my parents and to my loved ones. I have trust in the Lord.
I have a duty to accomplish my goals.
I duly respect person’s good points of view, and;
I have respect for the elders.
Role: I am a daughter, as well as a student.
Key people related to this role: God and my parents

I will always give praise and thanks to the Lord God.
I will show my parents the respect they deserve.
I will do my best to make them proud and remain involved in their lives by: 1.Always pray and ask God for guidance.
2.Be mature enough to handle the school activities like home works, projects, and other school programs. 3.Not to failed in studies by passing each subjects.
4.Having a degree of BS in Accountancy.
5.Telling the truth especially in my hang-outs, activities, and financially fees. •I will be responsible for my own acts.
I will live each day as if it were my last, building relationships that last a lifetime, focusing first on my studies, second on my family and third on my friendships. •I will never quit in my desire to achieve.

My goals & objectives:

Maintain focus and perspective.
Establish priorities
1.Priority to God.
2.Priority to my families.
3.Priority for studies.
a.Time to myself
b.Time for my family reunions/bonds.
c.Time to pray
d.Time to share and give love for God’s people.
To become a professional business woman.
I live to create, build, nourish and grow

I would like things to be done in God’s plan. Having a picture of my future to become a businesswoman, create and/or stand a firm, having a good standard in life through the accomplishments of my studies, and attaining excellence. Mature, Competent, Selfless-discipline and Dynamic believers in the Supreme Being. Interdependent, with the right relationship...
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